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♥ A Caliph of Allah. An Ummah of Rasullullah. A Zaujah of a great Imam.tHe stRugGlEs mKe u stROnGer & tHe cHAngeS mAke U wIsE & haPpinEsS hAs iT's oWn wAy Of tAkiNg iT's sWeEt timE L-I-F-E is 10% Of hOw U mAkE iT & 90% hOw U tke iT ♥

Appreciate from Valued

Appreciate mom and dad who have given birth, raise, educate, provide clothing, food, drink, shelter, school, spending money, games, and more. Appreciate siblings who were together in requests to play, along, angah, uda , gift, ateh, tam, acik, Anjang, Busu, a friend watching tv, a friend out walking. Valuing relatives are like replacing family wherever we are. Valuing teachers who have taught, the anger in class, a smile always when teaching, which give a gift when successful, marking the school books, and so forth that teachers do. Valuing school friends good or bad, that sit right next to the left rear, which runs along Similarly, a lunch in the canteen together, the teasing, the learned, and more red. ... During adolescence,Appreciate the friends who started along their way, making something new, a call to the mosque, a surprise when sleeping in class, who advise and rebuke, and everything they do. Appreciate the people around me a lot of help in daily life, smiles at a charity, which manages the affairs of the material and others. ... During adulthood, Valuing own family, husband, wife, children, a healing joy and sorrow, which enrich the life, being pushed together to build a happy family, and everything.Valuing existing neighbors during difficult or easy, although not all nice and friendly, the visit when sick and others. ... From time to time up to the end of life,Appreciate the love that God has showered, Appreciate the love that was the Prophet Muhammad pour, Conclusion, Do we have and always appreciate of curiosity rewarded? Why did I question the word "appreciate" this? Companion reader, appreciate the value of more noble than appreciated. Appreciated, of course, of their own goodness or character who admired person. People will appreciate us who have been kind to him. People will appreciate that we have helped. People will appreciate that we have been rebuked. And many more examples when we appreciated. Yet the extent of our gratitude when we appreciated? Unlike when we try to appreciate something. Good people we hold dear. Naughty people we hold dear. Naughty does not mean we should feel proud of his attitude, but we criticize and advise the lenient attitude and polite. Sometimes we are not aware of those who are blessed of God to be close to us, but we shy away from it or insulted when we discover weaknesses and shortcomings. Perhaps this is part of God's test for us in appreciating each Giving. And the most remarkable and invaluable when we appreciate the Almighty God. Appreciate identifying it closer, love Him every moment of breath, remembering when thick and thin, without a place and time to find it, and mengabdikanNya close and strong in spirit. And people appreciate named the Prophet Muhammad as ethical Quran word of God. Which always precede his people even at the last minute blow breath into the world. Friends of the reader, still jelaskah you to appreciate the meaning of this? Let us be self-reflection properties we are lacking, and changed to a more appreciative. And Allah knows best

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