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♥ A Caliph of Allah. An Ummah of Rasullullah. A Zaujah of a great Imam.tHe stRugGlEs mKe u stROnGer & tHe cHAngeS mAke U wIsE & haPpinEsS hAs iT's oWn wAy Of tAkiNg iT's sWeEt timE L-I-F-E is 10% Of hOw U mAkE iT & 90% hOw U tke iT ♥

"Beautiful Day..

..helOo.. beautiful day remind me about the Korean Drama ! This drama had been show on tv3..if i'm not mistaken after winter sonata & autum in my heart. It has been eleven years and since i watched this show. i cried everytime! :P I cannot believe, I cannot believe I still remember what went on with this show. Remember that pinky think Shiwon was talking about ?? She is the pinky and he is the ring finger..
..ok ok..stOp !! 
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