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♥ A Caliph of Allah. An Ummah of Rasullullah. A Zaujah of a great Imam.tHe stRugGlEs mKe u stROnGer & tHe cHAngeS mAke U wIsE & haPpinEsS hAs iT's oWn wAy Of tAkiNg iT's sWeEt timE L-I-F-E is 10% Of hOw U mAkE iT & 90% hOw U tke iT ♥

Lets Pray For GAZA

A criminal is killing children. It is Bashar Al-Assad and his gang in Syria exploiting the chance of media focusing on Gaza..

Palestinian families have patience. For you haven there. In the battle of willpower you choose heaven even had to sacrifice lives

Sincerely, Easy To Spoken But Difficult to go to

Sincere indeed very easy to say but very difficult to pass through. As such, it requires a long process to be able to guide us in a sincerity. During obstructed love with the blessing of the elderly, disability and when to accept the reality of married people in love with someone else. When the plan is to stay a plan that would not exist, it is not easy to accept the fact that, even may be very difficult for us to accept it. Day after day passed with tears and sadness. In the silence and darkness of night, crying in front of us not to regret what happened, but regret why we have not been able to be a true servant to accept this reality.

But that's life. Sometimes we have to experience something bitter.Anything that happens that's the best for us even though we are sad, frustrated and feel is unfair.

We are just trying to be pleased with all the terms that have been outlined by God.Accept anything that happens does not mean not trying to achieve something better. But strive for sincerity and surrender all to him. This will calm the agitated heart. Because behind this incident is certainly no wisdom and God willing it will guide us to become a stronger person, patient and sincere in life. During our sincere and grateful for all that is given, God will give you peace of remarkable in our hearts. Surely there must be some facility hardship and DIA will provide the best path. Be assured that God's plan is better.Make friends who are grieving, strengthen the spirit, because God's love for his servants strong in everything else tested. Because actually so many awards and favors given by him that we should be thankful for. Always good to him and grateful prejudiced God still gives us the test. That means we are one among the people who have seen him. God will always give you something that we need, not something we want. Therefore, HE knows better where the best for His servants. Sincerely, patience and gratitude are three key life. Not easy but very difficult. But no that is not possible if we want to work and try to undergo in our lives.

Thank you O Allah for love, strength and all that is you gave us. Provide guidance and bimbinganMu to us as thou hast given to Thy servants that love.

*** A good friend had given some piece of advices to a couple. Not sure whether his advices were right and appropriate, seeking my wisdom he asked to verify whether his suggestions were justifying.

I believe... All advices and suggestions are always pure and logical, when are given without direct or indirect interest over the matter. Is only when we have some form of interest or intention over the seeking, the advices might be one sided. 

So if you happened to have a problem and need consultation, seek assistance from someone who is neutral and understanding. I'm sure he is going to be fair, sincere and honest to you. Try me! :P

Romantic love ♥

Are we as a husband or wife has a romantic nature to mate? Resilience couple in surf boat love credited with the landmark necessarily life together apart based on the love of Allah and His Messenger. Crowned covenant together before pronouncement of consent and qabul is evidence eternity of love, even married couples have to face the storm that must be passed test, but it was intact stand. ever knowing the surf boat home, the focus of our model for be good on the trail which was crossed by the Great Prophet Muhammad's beloved, even when he is surrounded by other great responsibility intercede with the creator of his community, he is able to provide comfortable space to partner - his life partner. Fun and Agongnya love Prophet Muhammad as a husband far beyond the expectations of our thinking as his Nation. Nevertheless, it is not so difficult and hard for us to track each step and examples that have been practiced by him in their family life. Leading a life as husband and wife there is nothing more beautiful and romatiknya when the husband and wife are not bashful to enjoy food from a container or even husband and wife eating extra food instead, then it is enough to prove there is no feeling of 'no appetite, disgust and so' because of sincere love and had already established strong. Of course, such actions have not contemptuous if practiced because it is also a beloved practice of the Prophet with his wives. This is evident in the hadith Hadrat 'Aisha told us that "I drink water from a bowl, then I'm berhaid, then take the former drink Prophet and put his mouth in the place I put my mouth on the container." This hadith clearly display shows us that the Prophet does not make oral former wife as disgusting, even though at that time his wife was berhaid. Not just that alone, even if the observed another hadith, he also found eating from her bites. "I bite a piece of meat, and the bite of waste taken by the Prophet, and he even bite on the last bite me" Masyallah, how romantic Prophet with his wife and it was not so impossible for us as his followers to do the same. With such practices are not at all affect the height of glory and dignity and status as a messenger of God.This is the purpose and objectives of the Muslim holy calling followers to glorify pair in the sense of honor. Nothing hurts if we all do such things but it can provide long-lasting freshness though household within a marriage has reached to a relatively old age. If such practices can we make the practice of married life then it is certainly a bit helps strengthen the institution of marriage and thus close the hole disaster leading to separation and divorce.

Soft Skills Programs..

There are seven soft skills should be incorporated in the students themselves: 

1. Communication skills 

Communication skills consist of several elements, namely: * Communication skills involve effective communication in Malay and English in different contexts and with different participant communications * Ability to communicate ideas clearly, effectively and with confidence, orally and in writing * Ability practice active listening skills and provide feedback * Ability to make clear presentation with confidence and appropriate to audience * Ability to use technology in the presentation * Ability to negotiate and reach agreement * Ability to communicate with participants who have different cultures communication * Ability to develop communication skills individuals * Ability to use non-verbal skills 

2. Critical skills and problem solving skills 

Thinking skills and problem solving skills (CTPS) involves the ability to think critically, analytically as well as the ability to apply knowledge and understanding to new and different problems. * Ability to identify and analyze problems in complex situations and ambiguous, and reviewing justified. * Ability to develop and improve thinking skills such as explaining, analyzing and evaluating the discussion. * Ability to find ideas and alternative solutions dancing. * Ability to think beyond the boundaries. * Ability to make decisions based on solid evidence. * The ability to survive and give full attention to the task given. * Ability to understand and menyelesuaikan themselves to the culture of the community and a new work environment. 

3. Teamwork skills

Teamwork skills involve the ability to collaborate with others from different socio-cultural backgrounds to achieve a common goal. * Ability to build rapport, interact with others and work effectively with them to achieve the same objective. * Ability to understand and take on the role of alternating between team leaders and team members. * Ability to recognize and respect the attitudes, behaviors and beliefs of others. * Ability to contribute to planning and coordinating the work of the group. * Responsible for the group's results. 

4. Entrepreneurial skills
Entrepreneurial skills involve the ability to explore and develop an awareness of the risks (risk awareness), creativity and innovation in business and employment-related activities. * Ability to identify business opportunities * Ability to formulate a business plan. * Ability to develop, explore and seize business opportunities and jobs. * Ability to work independently. 

5. Learning and information management 
Lifelong learning involves students in the acquisition of skills and self-reliance of new knowledge. * Ability to find and manage relevant information from various sources. * Ability to accept new ideas and capable of autonomous learning. * Ability to develop inquisitive mind and a thirst for knowledge. 

6. Professional ethics and moral 
Professional ethics and morality involves the ability to adopt a high moral standard in professional practice and social interaction. * Ability to understand the impact of economic, environmental and socio-cultural in professional practice. * Ability to analyze and make decisions in solving problems related to ethics. * Ability to practice ethical behavior, as well as having a sense of responsibility towards society. 

7. Leadership skills 
Leadership skills involve the ability to practice leadership skills in a variety of activities. * Knowledge of the basic theory of leadership. * Ability to lead projects. * Ability to understand and take on the role of alternating between the team leader and team member. * Ability to supervise team members. 

Ministry of moment during task LDK 

Black Seed 'treat cancer'

Black Seed Oil in the Malay language or better known as black cumin considered as phytotherapeutic (herbal treatment) (tongue convoluted read. hehe ..) but not all species can be used for medicine. The species used for medicinal purposes is Nigella Sativa seeds which have a larger and higher oil rates.

Listen Kat said now was already much malaysia pharmacies start selling Black Seed 'first in oil and capsule bentul. Actually Black Seed 'first centuries've used since the early beginning of civilization.Pharaoh Tutankhamen was buried together with Black Seed Oil. Cleopatra was treating her beauty by mixing the oil Black Seed Oil in milk bath. Haa .. What more friends, let's eat Black Seed Oil in abundance. Heee ..

Entry today actually want a story chapter to prevent and treat cancer (requested by asthma hehe ..: p). Because the most effective way to treat cancer is to use Black Seed 'so I do la introduction about it a bit. Ability Black Seed 'to fight, prevent and treat cancer has been proven in scientific studies.

This is an example of in vitro studies made on Breast Cancer;
Farah, IO, Assessment of Responses to Oxidative Stress Celullar Using MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells, Black Seed (N. sativa L.) Extracts and H2O2. (Wow.. Whether our name.! Hehe ..)
In Conclusion, N. Sativa alone or in combination with Oxidative stress was found to be effective (in vitro) in influencing the survival of MCF-7 Breast Cancer cells, unveiling Promising lucre in the field of cancer chemoprevention and / or treatment.

  • Mixed Black Seed Oil and Natural Honey (more efficient)
    • Mix oil 1kg Black Seed Oil with natural honey 1kg.
    • Heat for 15 minutes.
    • Then add 1/2 cup lemon juice.
    • Allow to cool. (Kinds of recipes carefully seal right.? Hee ..)
  • Read
    • Sura al-Fatiha
    • Qursi verse [2:255]
    • Syifa verse '- Surah at-Tawbah [9:14] and Jonah [10:57], an-Nahl [16:69], al-Israq [17:82], as-Syua'ra [26:80], Fussilat [41:44] 
    • Surah al-Hasr [59:21-24]
  • Blow reading in the mixture.
  • Take two teaspoons of this mixture every morning before breakfast.
  • Practice for 3 weeks or more during the treatment radiotheraphy / chemotheraphy (practice always been ok).
  • Blow reading on top of Black Seed oil '.
  • Drink a teaspoon of Black seed oil 'every day.


  •  Eat a few drops of oil or 5-7 or 1-3 seed capsule Black Seed Oil daily before breakfast.
  • Mix
    • Heat 2 teaspoons oil Black Seed Oil in a pan.
    • Then add 2 teaspoons of seed Black Seed Oil which is crushed into powder (powder ever possible).
    • Mix well with 1 teaspoon of royal jelly Then lift.
    • Store in a cool place.
  • Take one teaspoon of this mixture three times a day before meals. 
  • Practise for 6 weeks and then after that reduce dose to 2 times a day. 

Bait - 3D action disaster movie

Bait was spectacular! Since it came out all I have heard in my room at DISH are good thins and now I know why. It is a story about a freak tsunami that hits Australia and floods a local supermarket where the chum, I mean people are trapped. The sharks swim in between the isles, but they are not looking for Hamburger Helper. This is definitely not remake, but an original story that is sure to entertain and the graphics take this horror movie to a whole new level. I watched the Bite on laptop last night and almost went through the roof a few times.
The animatronic great white sharks in Bait 3D are enthusiastic over-actors, responding to every close-up with broad grins and snapping jaws.
When it comes over acting, Wyllie is right up there with the sharks. It's an eye-rolling performance, which comes as something of a shock if you've seen the subtlety he's been showing lately in television's Tangled and Puberty Blues. But I guess he's adapting to circumstances, and he's not alone. Down in the supermarket's car park. Cariba Heine and Lincon Lewis are overdoing the comic relief as a couple of airheads bickering over what to do next. Cudding a small dog and a fake Gucci handbag, she seems to be attempting a parody of Legally Blonde. 
The car park has its own white pointer, together with its own quota of floating corpses sporting ghastly expressions and large bite marks. And upstairs, an assortment of severed limbs can be spotted drifting along with the cans of Heinz soup and the packets of Cheezels.
Every now and again somebody falls into the water and has to be hauled out or not. The casualty rate is rising with the tide and between crises you can amuse yourself by guessing who will be next !
After volunteering dive into the depths and turn off the power so they won't all be blown to bits by the wires dangling above the water, he's kitted out with a makeshift shark cage improvised from what look like bits of shopping trolley. It's an hilariously ingenious construction and it's typical of the whole film.. 

Rainy Season

Now On November..started for rainy season..
First of all, I juz wanna share about the types of seasonal variation of rainfall in Penisular malaysia.
(a) Over the east coast districts, November, December and January are the months with maximum rainfall, while June and July are the driest months in most districts.
(b) Over the rest of the Peninsula with the exception of the southwest coastal area, the monthly rainfall pattern shows two periods of maximum rainfall separated by two periods of minimum rainfall. The primary maximum generally occurs in October - November while the secondary maximum generally occurs in April - May. Over the northwestern region, the primary minimum occurs in January - February with the secondary minimum in June - July while elsewhere the primary minimum occurs in June - July with the secondary minimum in February.
(c) The rainfall pattern over the southwest coastal area is much affected by early morning "Sumatras" from May to August with the result that the double maxima and minima pattern is no longer discernible. October and November are the months with maximum rainfall and February the month with minimum rainfall. The March - April - May maximum and the June -July minimum are absent or indistinct. 

Actually, the rainy season give us some advantages & disadvantages, Such as..
The Rainy Season does a lot of good to us. It removes the heat of summer. It provides water to men and animals. It helps the crops and vegetables to grow. Grass grows in plenty. Hence cows get a lot of grass to graze. People get a lot of milk from their milch cows. In the Rainy Season, flood comes in rivers. It puts alluvium on the land. So, the land becomes fertile. Flood washes away the filth and rubbish from the village areas. When the flood subsides people grow new crops and vegetables. In the Rainy Season, the earth becomes cool and happy. The waterways are full to the brim. They help the inland trade.
As, a conclusion that can I make here is, The Rainy Season is the season of corps and vegetables. It is the friend of farmers. It is the friend of trees and animals. It is the maker of food and giver of water. Hence, we revere and welcome to this season.. :)

Psst: My favourite quotes in rainy day " I' always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying."
"For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain."

ALLAH home

History of the Temple of Creation

Temple House of God which is the direction to which all Muslims pray facing it when. Narrated that Allah has made ​​the Kaaba site is supported by four pillars of water 2000 years before He created this world and He has stretched out the earth from beneath the Temple. Pillar Temple was long up to seven layers of earth. At each of the seven heavens are the house of God where the angels worship Him and on the seventh heaven's name is the house of God House frequented. The Prophet said, "Jerusalem is a mosque that was frequented in the sky and it was right on top of the Ka'bah. If it falls then it will menghempap ​​Temple. " Before the House frequented created, the angels circumambulate around the Throne in a very long time. God looked at them and then bring down blessings upon them. God builds a house under the name Throne House frequented. Allah ordered the angels to circumambulate the House frequented, and leave the Throne. The Angels have circumambulated the House frequented, up to the amount entered day and night an angel of 70.000. They did not return and for a long time. then God sent the angels down to earth and said to them, "Build a house for me on earth like". God's reign over all the creatures on the earth so that the tawaf around the Kaaba as the sky dwellers tawaf around the House frequented. Narrated that Allah sent Gabriel to Adam and Eve to build a house for Him. Gabriel has outlined (skeleton) to the last second Adam Eve grout while transporting water until the response and calls from him asking to stop digging in the words, "Enough, O Adam!" After Adam died, his sons built the Temple using soil and rock. Narrated that the people who built it was the son of Prophet Adam Syith. They always inhabit and enrich the House and so did the people who post them till the time of Noah, the Kaaba has collapsed and flooded the area and could not be traced. then Allah sent Prophet Ibrahim to rebuild the Temple. Comply with the order of Allah, Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ishmael rebuilt the Kaaba on the pile of bricks and clay of the former Temple building ever made ​​by Syith that collapsed due to the flood in the days of Noah's. Construction of the Temple of Abraham from stones from the seven hills around the city of Mecca.Temple construction time has two main angles Pillars corner Al-Yemeni Corner and the Black Stone and a curved corner on opposite sides of the two angles. built features that have been built by the Prophet Abraham: - Height: 9 cubits. - Length at ground level from the Black Stone to the corner of Syria 32 cubits. - Width beside the water channel starting from the corner of Syria to the west corner of 22 cubits. - Length at ground level from corner to corner of the west side of the Yemen 31 cubits. - Width at ground level from the Yemeni corner to Stone 20 cubits. After the construction of the temple by the Prophet Abraham, it continues to stand tall in the land of God and will not collapse until the day of judgment. But efforts to repair and maintain regular Temple continued until now. Here is a summary of the history of construction of the temple. - First Construction: Angel - Construction second Adam - the third Construction: Prophet Syith - Construction fourth Abraham - Construction fifth: The Amaliqah - Construction sixth: The Jurhum - Construction seventh: Qusai bin Kilab ( fourth century CE) - Construction eighth: Abdul Mutalib - Construction ninth: Quraish (year 605 AD when Mohammed was 35 years old) - Construction to-10: Abdullah ibn Zubair (year 64 Hijri) - Construction of the 11th: Hajjaj bin Yusuf al -Thaqafi (Year 74 hijrah/693 AD) - Construction of the 12th: Sultan Murad Khan (Year 1040 hijrah/1630 AD)

The Mosque of Sultan Omar Alifudin Brunei DS.

Mosque of blue Istanbul 

Mosque of AlNoor Dubai

Umayyad mosque-Damascus

**By the way..Credit to my cousin for sharing me some of these picture during his migration. 
Lets go now..ALLAH Home is always open for us Muslim..