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Life is Like Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate ! Ooh my favourite ♥ ♥ 
I just read this on another forum, and wanted to share de message! 

my hot choco ! :P
A group of graduates, well established in their careers, were talking at a reunion and decided to go visit their old university professor, now retired. During their visit, 
the conversation turned to complaints about stress in their work & lives.
Offering his guests hot chocolate, the professor went into the kitchen and return with a large 
pot of hot chocolate & an assortment of cups - porcelain, glass, crystal, some plain looking, some expensive, some exquisite - telling them to help themselves to the hot chocolate.
When they all had a cup of hot chocolate in hand, the professor said::
" Notice that all the nice looking, expensive cups were taken, leaving behind the plain & cheap ones. While it is normal for you to want only the best for yourselves that is the source of your problems and stress. The cup that you're drinking from adds nothing to the quality of the hot chocolate. In most cases it is just more expensive & in some cases even hides that we drink.
What all of you really wanted was hot chocolate, not the cup; but you consciously went for the best cups.. & then you began eyeing each other's cups."
They are just tools to hold & contain life. The cup you have does not define, not change the qualityof life you have. Sometimes, by  concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the hot chocolate that has been provided us. The hot chocolate is there for the taking, man chooses the cups.

This story helped me find whats most important in life. Its such amazing story about the realities in life. I think many people are flooded with so many things in their lives,
they are actually not living but its those things that are living in them. 
For me, great story..i know how lucky & blessed I am. The 'Stressors' really take control of my life & cause me to neglect my health & eating habits. I'm really trying ti rebalance my priorities remembering ME..my health, my study & my blog also..haha
So, Live simply. Love generously. care deeply. Speak kindly & enjoy your hot chocolate in Uitm.. !

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