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Sincerely, Easy To Spoken But Difficult to go to

Sincere indeed very easy to say but very difficult to pass through. As such, it requires a long process to be able to guide us in a sincerity. During obstructed love with the blessing of the elderly, disability and when to accept the reality of married people in love with someone else. When the plan is to stay a plan that would not exist, it is not easy to accept the fact that, even may be very difficult for us to accept it. Day after day passed with tears and sadness. In the silence and darkness of night, crying in front of us not to regret what happened, but regret why we have not been able to be a true servant to accept this reality.

But that's life. Sometimes we have to experience something bitter.Anything that happens that's the best for us even though we are sad, frustrated and feel is unfair.

We are just trying to be pleased with all the terms that have been outlined by God.Accept anything that happens does not mean not trying to achieve something better. But strive for sincerity and surrender all to him. This will calm the agitated heart. Because behind this incident is certainly no wisdom and God willing it will guide us to become a stronger person, patient and sincere in life. During our sincere and grateful for all that is given, God will give you peace of remarkable in our hearts. Surely there must be some facility hardship and DIA will provide the best path. Be assured that God's plan is better.Make friends who are grieving, strengthen the spirit, because God's love for his servants strong in everything else tested. Because actually so many awards and favors given by him that we should be thankful for. Always good to him and grateful prejudiced God still gives us the test. That means we are one among the people who have seen him. God will always give you something that we need, not something we want. Therefore, HE knows better where the best for His servants. Sincerely, patience and gratitude are three key life. Not easy but very difficult. But no that is not possible if we want to work and try to undergo in our lives.

Thank you O Allah for love, strength and all that is you gave us. Provide guidance and bimbinganMu to us as thou hast given to Thy servants that love.

*** A good friend had given some piece of advices to a couple. Not sure whether his advices were right and appropriate, seeking my wisdom he asked to verify whether his suggestions were justifying.

I believe... All advices and suggestions are always pure and logical, when are given without direct or indirect interest over the matter. Is only when we have some form of interest or intention over the seeking, the advices might be one sided. 

So if you happened to have a problem and need consultation, seek assistance from someone who is neutral and understanding. I'm sure he is going to be fair, sincere and honest to you. Try me! :P

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