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Soft Skills Programs..

There are seven soft skills should be incorporated in the students themselves: 

1. Communication skills 

Communication skills consist of several elements, namely: * Communication skills involve effective communication in Malay and English in different contexts and with different participant communications * Ability to communicate ideas clearly, effectively and with confidence, orally and in writing * Ability practice active listening skills and provide feedback * Ability to make clear presentation with confidence and appropriate to audience * Ability to use technology in the presentation * Ability to negotiate and reach agreement * Ability to communicate with participants who have different cultures communication * Ability to develop communication skills individuals * Ability to use non-verbal skills 

2. Critical skills and problem solving skills 

Thinking skills and problem solving skills (CTPS) involves the ability to think critically, analytically as well as the ability to apply knowledge and understanding to new and different problems. * Ability to identify and analyze problems in complex situations and ambiguous, and reviewing justified. * Ability to develop and improve thinking skills such as explaining, analyzing and evaluating the discussion. * Ability to find ideas and alternative solutions dancing. * Ability to think beyond the boundaries. * Ability to make decisions based on solid evidence. * The ability to survive and give full attention to the task given. * Ability to understand and menyelesuaikan themselves to the culture of the community and a new work environment. 

3. Teamwork skills

Teamwork skills involve the ability to collaborate with others from different socio-cultural backgrounds to achieve a common goal. * Ability to build rapport, interact with others and work effectively with them to achieve the same objective. * Ability to understand and take on the role of alternating between team leaders and team members. * Ability to recognize and respect the attitudes, behaviors and beliefs of others. * Ability to contribute to planning and coordinating the work of the group. * Responsible for the group's results. 

4. Entrepreneurial skills
Entrepreneurial skills involve the ability to explore and develop an awareness of the risks (risk awareness), creativity and innovation in business and employment-related activities. * Ability to identify business opportunities * Ability to formulate a business plan. * Ability to develop, explore and seize business opportunities and jobs. * Ability to work independently. 

5. Learning and information management 
Lifelong learning involves students in the acquisition of skills and self-reliance of new knowledge. * Ability to find and manage relevant information from various sources. * Ability to accept new ideas and capable of autonomous learning. * Ability to develop inquisitive mind and a thirst for knowledge. 

6. Professional ethics and moral 
Professional ethics and morality involves the ability to adopt a high moral standard in professional practice and social interaction. * Ability to understand the impact of economic, environmental and socio-cultural in professional practice. * Ability to analyze and make decisions in solving problems related to ethics. * Ability to practice ethical behavior, as well as having a sense of responsibility towards society. 

7. Leadership skills 
Leadership skills involve the ability to practice leadership skills in a variety of activities. * Knowledge of the basic theory of leadership. * Ability to lead projects. * Ability to understand and take on the role of alternating between the team leader and team member. * Ability to supervise team members. 

Ministry of moment during task LDK 

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