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History of the Temple of Creation

Temple House of God which is the direction to which all Muslims pray facing it when. Narrated that Allah has made ​​the Kaaba site is supported by four pillars of water 2000 years before He created this world and He has stretched out the earth from beneath the Temple. Pillar Temple was long up to seven layers of earth. At each of the seven heavens are the house of God where the angels worship Him and on the seventh heaven's name is the house of God House frequented. The Prophet said, "Jerusalem is a mosque that was frequented in the sky and it was right on top of the Ka'bah. If it falls then it will menghempap ​​Temple. " Before the House frequented created, the angels circumambulate around the Throne in a very long time. God looked at them and then bring down blessings upon them. God builds a house under the name Throne House frequented. Allah ordered the angels to circumambulate the House frequented, and leave the Throne. The Angels have circumambulated the House frequented, up to the amount entered day and night an angel of 70.000. They did not return and for a long time. then God sent the angels down to earth and said to them, "Build a house for me on earth like". God's reign over all the creatures on the earth so that the tawaf around the Kaaba as the sky dwellers tawaf around the House frequented. Narrated that Allah sent Gabriel to Adam and Eve to build a house for Him. Gabriel has outlined (skeleton) to the last second Adam Eve grout while transporting water until the response and calls from him asking to stop digging in the words, "Enough, O Adam!" After Adam died, his sons built the Temple using soil and rock. Narrated that the people who built it was the son of Prophet Adam Syith. They always inhabit and enrich the House and so did the people who post them till the time of Noah, the Kaaba has collapsed and flooded the area and could not be traced. then Allah sent Prophet Ibrahim to rebuild the Temple. Comply with the order of Allah, Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ishmael rebuilt the Kaaba on the pile of bricks and clay of the former Temple building ever made ​​by Syith that collapsed due to the flood in the days of Noah's. Construction of the Temple of Abraham from stones from the seven hills around the city of Mecca.Temple construction time has two main angles Pillars corner Al-Yemeni Corner and the Black Stone and a curved corner on opposite sides of the two angles. built features that have been built by the Prophet Abraham: - Height: 9 cubits. - Length at ground level from the Black Stone to the corner of Syria 32 cubits. - Width beside the water channel starting from the corner of Syria to the west corner of 22 cubits. - Length at ground level from corner to corner of the west side of the Yemen 31 cubits. - Width at ground level from the Yemeni corner to Stone 20 cubits. After the construction of the temple by the Prophet Abraham, it continues to stand tall in the land of God and will not collapse until the day of judgment. But efforts to repair and maintain regular Temple continued until now. Here is a summary of the history of construction of the temple. - First Construction: Angel - Construction second Adam - the third Construction: Prophet Syith - Construction fourth Abraham - Construction fifth: The Amaliqah - Construction sixth: The Jurhum - Construction seventh: Qusai bin Kilab ( fourth century CE) - Construction eighth: Abdul Mutalib - Construction ninth: Quraish (year 605 AD when Mohammed was 35 years old) - Construction to-10: Abdullah ibn Zubair (year 64 Hijri) - Construction of the 11th: Hajjaj bin Yusuf al -Thaqafi (Year 74 hijrah/693 AD) - Construction of the 12th: Sultan Murad Khan (Year 1040 hijrah/1630 AD)

The Mosque of Sultan Omar Alifudin Brunei DS.

Mosque of blue Istanbul 

Mosque of AlNoor Dubai

Umayyad mosque-Damascus

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