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Rainy Season

Now On November..started for rainy season..
First of all, I juz wanna share about the types of seasonal variation of rainfall in Penisular malaysia.
(a) Over the east coast districts, November, December and January are the months with maximum rainfall, while June and July are the driest months in most districts.
(b) Over the rest of the Peninsula with the exception of the southwest coastal area, the monthly rainfall pattern shows two periods of maximum rainfall separated by two periods of minimum rainfall. The primary maximum generally occurs in October - November while the secondary maximum generally occurs in April - May. Over the northwestern region, the primary minimum occurs in January - February with the secondary minimum in June - July while elsewhere the primary minimum occurs in June - July with the secondary minimum in February.
(c) The rainfall pattern over the southwest coastal area is much affected by early morning "Sumatras" from May to August with the result that the double maxima and minima pattern is no longer discernible. October and November are the months with maximum rainfall and February the month with minimum rainfall. The March - April - May maximum and the June -July minimum are absent or indistinct. 

Actually, the rainy season give us some advantages & disadvantages, Such as..
The Rainy Season does a lot of good to us. It removes the heat of summer. It provides water to men and animals. It helps the crops and vegetables to grow. Grass grows in plenty. Hence cows get a lot of grass to graze. People get a lot of milk from their milch cows. In the Rainy Season, flood comes in rivers. It puts alluvium on the land. So, the land becomes fertile. Flood washes away the filth and rubbish from the village areas. When the flood subsides people grow new crops and vegetables. In the Rainy Season, the earth becomes cool and happy. The waterways are full to the brim. They help the inland trade.
As, a conclusion that can I make here is, The Rainy Season is the season of corps and vegetables. It is the friend of farmers. It is the friend of trees and animals. It is the maker of food and giver of water. Hence, we revere and welcome to this season.. :)

Psst: My favourite quotes in rainy day " I' always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying."
"For after all, the best thing one can do when it is raining is let it rain."

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