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Bait - 3D action disaster movie

Bait was spectacular! Since it came out all I have heard in my room at DISH are good thins and now I know why. It is a story about a freak tsunami that hits Australia and floods a local supermarket where the chum, I mean people are trapped. The sharks swim in between the isles, but they are not looking for Hamburger Helper. This is definitely not remake, but an original story that is sure to entertain and the graphics take this horror movie to a whole new level. I watched the Bite on laptop last night and almost went through the roof a few times.
The animatronic great white sharks in Bait 3D are enthusiastic over-actors, responding to every close-up with broad grins and snapping jaws.
When it comes over acting, Wyllie is right up there with the sharks. It's an eye-rolling performance, which comes as something of a shock if you've seen the subtlety he's been showing lately in television's Tangled and Puberty Blues. But I guess he's adapting to circumstances, and he's not alone. Down in the supermarket's car park. Cariba Heine and Lincon Lewis are overdoing the comic relief as a couple of airheads bickering over what to do next. Cudding a small dog and a fake Gucci handbag, she seems to be attempting a parody of Legally Blonde. 
The car park has its own white pointer, together with its own quota of floating corpses sporting ghastly expressions and large bite marks. And upstairs, an assortment of severed limbs can be spotted drifting along with the cans of Heinz soup and the packets of Cheezels.
Every now and again somebody falls into the water and has to be hauled out or not. The casualty rate is rising with the tide and between crises you can amuse yourself by guessing who will be next !
After volunteering dive into the depths and turn off the power so they won't all be blown to bits by the wires dangling above the water, he's kitted out with a makeshift shark cage improvised from what look like bits of shopping trolley. It's an hilariously ingenious construction and it's typical of the whole film.. 

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